I Still See You

by Blake Sweetland

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Recorded by Allen Bergendahl of Viking Recording Service, mastered by Josh Osborne.

Email: bsweetla@gmail.com


released September 3, 2015



all rights reserved


Blake Sweetland Richmond, Virginia

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Track Name: Toss & Turn
Take me as I am
just another ruined plan
you've been gone for fourteen days
I keep a picture of that face you make
a piece of me in you
you toss and turn it scares me too
just don't forget that I'm your skin
I pray to God you wear me in again
Track Name: Given In
I'd given in, I'd given up
slowly drowning in my sleep
these past few months I've been in love
have saved myself from me

And I'm wondering how do I deserve
this light above the earth
and I'm wondering how do I make worth
of stars and traps and home made maps and words
I'm singing...

I feel inclined to let you know
I'm giving all I've got
I'm gonna show up to your door
holding forget-me-nots
Track Name: Dark, Dark
Would you mind if I stay the night
cause suddenly I'm feeling lonely
those nights spent inside your bed
could you feel the rain falling on our heads
dark, dark clouds they burst like flames
could you take the shame of seeing me again
in this life its now or not
and with how hard we fought lets give it one more shot

can i ask you something
do you feel me anymore
as a memory thats fleeting
or an ache inside your legs
if you tell me the reason
we can sort this out

you said
"I thought it'd be you
my sun, my noose"
I said
"I'll always be here
my stars, my moon"

violent shakes I heave it breaks
I cant help the thought of how much we can take
cause down, down creek you’re hurting deep
and I couldn’t be the concrete shoes you need
so burn me down and shake my bones
little plaster cast, sign your name and go
cause when youre gone thats all I'll have
if I could take it back
then God, I'd take it back

I made the call it didnt reach you
you made the fall you didnt need to
its funny how these things work out
Track Name: Cross The Line
I didn't think that I would cross the line
I guess I made a mess of us this time
I can feel you near me now
I just need you near me now

I guess I shouldve listened more my dear
but lonelys not the only thing I fear
dont you miss the fireworks boom
your lips, your scars, an empty room
Track Name: I Still See You
The day I lost my brain
and the day I lost my eyes was the same
but I still see you

the thing about remorse
explaining how you feel makes it worse
lovers always see through

everything that I've done wrong
I tied a rope around and strung along

I'm done with being cautious
even if it makes my ankles nauseous
cause I'm all in this time

It took a couple years
but i think i've got this train in gear
please don't look away
I need this every day
Track Name: Endlessly Endless
I believed
that you and me would always be the ones

to fight fate off
and build this up
but things got rough

and though things change
my love remains
its here to stay

endlessly endless
endlessly endless

lights go out
we scream we shout
and silence sleeps

when she wakes
she’ll kiss your face
and then she’ll say

“I missed your taste
the sounds you make
my morning grey

so please just stay
in bed with me
one more day…"

don't be scared, I'll meet you there
in the place we ought to be
don't be scared I know its not fair
but its how it has to be
Track Name: Half Hitch Knot
My little fire, my concrete burn
my fourteenth time, you'd think I'd learn
now wait a second there
you're gonna have to wait for your turn

my half hitch knot, my open door
I hold you tight you stay secure
but one wrong move and I will
fall, thats for sure..

you're not a part of me, but you could be
we're so afraid of dark
but we'll be sparks

my welcome mat my hidden key
you smile at me I show my teeth
I let you in but you still hide your fears from me

you're not a part of me