by Blake Sweetland

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I wrote these songs in the dark alone. Josh Osborne helped me record them. Album art by Blake Sweetland.


released September 29, 2012



all rights reserved


Blake Sweetland Richmond, Virginia

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Track Name: Claws
Big bad wolf means no harm
Goosebumps run down his arm
and I can feel them too.

Big bad wolf
No alarm
Just a pinch on his arm
and I can feel it too
Will I wake up soon?


Big bad wolf
All is lost
Just a taste is all he wants
and I will taste you too.
Track Name: Ghosts Haunting Each Other
Head like a lake - I just fell in.
I always did.
Arms like the night - they just say bye.
Every time.

Now you're gone, gone, gone, gone.
Track Name: Ceiling Fan
Threw your heart into a ceiling fan
just to watch it rip apart
Stop your movies just short of the end
'cause you can't stand to lose the start

I figured out that anything is beautiful
if you just find your favorite part
but you'll keep living your life in the dark
if you keep waiting for a spark

I lost all hope just as soon as you knew
and I wrote a letter but I stopped halfway through
it's to you
so I hope this will do
for a week
maybe two..
Track Name: Gashes
That night after I drove home
you called me on the telephone
and asked me what the hell was wrong
I was wrong

This hill is too steep
and the gashes in your knees
drip down to your feet
but something tells me I'm not in this for me

Now wipe yourself clean
and I'll take back all the jokes
that you thought were mean
just do one last thing
and tell me how you've been so I'm not stuck wondering.
Track Name: Not Fair
You love to sleep in
but you're scared of dying.
So tell me, how does that make any sense?
How does that make any sense?

I spend half my time
coming up with rhymes
hoping eventually they'll bring you back to me
For some reason that makes sense to me..
For some reason that makes sense.
Track Name: 7.
If you heard I crashed my car,
just swerved too hard and hit a wall,
would you say you're not surprised?
Or would it be the first time I've crossed your mind?

'Cause growing up takes it's toll.
I don't like the idea of getting old.
So I'll just eave at 4 o' clock
and let you think I lost control and couldn't stop.
Track Name: Sign Language
Lately I've been letting so many people down
that I'm starting to lose count.
And you can't see my hands but they're burning at both ends
just to show what they're about.
You need to find yourself a place inside my bones
a place you can call home.

Beneath my ribs is only vacant space
"Please just try."
Its all you'd ever say.
All this time I just wanted you to stay.
To stay.
Track Name: Untitled
The first time I came over your parents asked
me if I'd play both them a song and
you sang along
and I think that's when I fell in love

Though this may be hard to say maybe you'll see
that though my voice shaky I still made it shout.
Can you still hear it now?